New Mexican Badlands

El Malpais National Monument New Mexico

I didn’t have much time at El Malpais National Monument (NM), so I only have photos and no fun stories to share. I didn’t check out the lava tube caves, for example, but since I’m claustrophobic there certainly would have been some fun stories there. Like maybe I crawled partway in, the tube got smaller, I got stuck, had a panic attack, tried unsuccessfully to claw my way out while Sam whined at the opening and did not run, like Lassie would have, to get a park ranger to rescue me. And then I died.

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When Places Are Aptly Named

Shiprock New Mexico

On the last New Mexico Scampabout I visited Shiprock, a town on the Navajo reservation in Northwest New Mexico. It’s home to a community college and medical center, as well as this formation that looks just like how you’d expect it to:

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Mystery Insects of Taos

Taos insect

I’m sitting in a campground near the Grand Canyon and it’s gray and off-and-on rainy, but I’m here for a few days and the beauty of that is I can ride out the weather. So today I’m posting to the blog, eating leftover pizza, taking a long, drippy walk through the forest with Sam, and later on checking out the IMAX movie about the Canyon. What I know is this: life is good.

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So Far, So Good

Capulin Volcano National Monument New Mexico

I’ve been on the road a few days, and I have a good feeling about this Scamp. I’ve had no major mishaps, no losing my iPhone on the trail, no killer bee stings, no potentially dangerous Elvis-obsessives, no getting locked out of Sadie and crying in an Applebee’s parking lot, no need to turn around and head home for repairs.

Or maybe my standards for a “good” Scamp are now incredibly low because of all that! Ha ha!

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Cue the Willie Nelson Song

New Mexico Map

Because I’m impetuous and restless and have the luxury of being self-employed, I’m hitting the road today. (My mother once said, in response to my momentary musing about getting a proper day job: “You’d never last. You’d be the crabby office worker who always had her door closed.” My mother is a wise woman.)

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