Rallying for Balloons

Night balloons

I’m not a morning person. I mean, I love them, I’m just not great at having coherent conversations or making sure the coffee filter is sitting on top of the mug before pouring the boiling water. (I’ve actually done this.) But I’d never been to the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, and people said it was great, so even though the balloons take off in the early morning I considered going.

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I have a store!

Salinas National Monument New Mexico

You asked for it and I delivered, just in time for Christmas, Chanukah, or Solstice shopping. (Not sure if shopping for Winter Solstice gifts is a thing, but let’s go with it.)Continue Reading

New Mexican Badlands

El Malpais National Monument New Mexico

I didn’t have much time at El Malpais National Monument (NM), so I only have photos and no fun stories to share. I didn’t check out the lava tube caves, for example, but since I’m claustrophobic there certainly would have been some fun stories there. Like maybe I crawled partway in, the tube got smaller, I got stuck, had a panic attack, tried unsuccessfully to claw my way out while Sam whined at the opening and did not run, like Lassie would have, to get a park ranger to rescue me. And then I died.

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When Places Are Aptly Named

Shiprock New Mexico

On the last New Mexico Scampabout I visited Shiprock, a town on the Navajo reservation in Northwest New Mexico. It’s home to a community college and medical center, as well as this formation that looks just like how you’d expect it to:

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Mystery Insects of Taos

Taos insect

I’m sitting in a campground near the Grand Canyon and it’s gray and off-and-on rainy, but I’m here for a few days and the beauty of that is I can ride out the weather. So today I’m posting to the blog, eating leftover pizza, taking a long, drippy walk through the forest with Sam, and later on checking out the IMAX movie about the Canyon. What I know is this: life is good.

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