Groom, Texas: Size Matters

Like at Cadillac Ranch, I truly admire the American impulse to build something big in the middle of nowhere. Maybe even something huge, just because. Something so big it’s impossible to ignore, something brave and bold that represents belief and passion. Here’s what someone in Groom, TX built:

Groom, Texas: Size Matters

I’m just grateful there’s no massive dead Jesus hanging there.

At 190 feet tall, some people claim the cross was the biggest in the Western hemisphere until someone built a slightly taller one on I-70 in Effingham, IL in 1995. (Readers of Life on the High Wire might remember Effingham.) There are actually bigger crosses, but still, it’s pretty damn big.

Groom, Texas: Size Matters  Groom, Texas: Size Matters

The Reason

I’m not saying I agree with this person’s beliefs, but I appreciate the builder’s commitment and effort. And it got me thinking about creating something from nothing, leaving a legacy. What’s my legacy going to be? What about yours?

What huge thing would you build if you could?

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