Guam Staircase to Nowhere

I haven’t written about the weekend in Guam that I tacked on to my big 2011 trip to Hawaii. Remember, the one where I thought I was going to die in a tsunami? Good times.

Guam Staircase to Nowhere  I’ll have more to say about that at some point. Not only had I just had a near miss with a life-threatening natural event, that weekend in Guam I got the news that my mother had almost died in an accident, and I had no phone service so I couldn’t talk to her or her doctors. (She got a hold of my then-boyfriend and he emailed me.)

So, it wasn’t one of my Top Ten Best Weekends. Plus, Guam isn’t someplace you probably need to make it a point to visit. Ever.

But I’m a fan of staircases to nowhere, and I found this lovely example at a Guam lagoon. It was a bright spot in an otherwise awful weekend:

Guam Staircase to Nowhere

I had to crawl around the rocks on the right to see that it does, in fact, go nowhere.

Here’s hoping you have a weekend free of disasters, natural and otherwise.

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