New Mexico’s Blue Hole

And I got to see it last month, when I did a takeover for the @TravelNewMexico Instagram account. (I won’t make a crude joke here, though the word “hole” just about demands it, don’t you think?)

Ahem. The Blue Hole is near Santa Rosa, NM, and it’s one of seven lakes that are linked to an underground water system. I can’t say I would have called it a lake, as it’s tiny, but there are a few interesting things about it:

It stays at a constant 62 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the winter.

It’s 82′ deep, making it a great spot for scuba diving.

Meaning – you can scuba dive in New Mexico. Crazy!

New Mexico's Blue Hole

I made this image from across the lake – that’s how tiny it is.

New Mexico's Blue Hole

Here’s where you walk down into it. (I’m fascinated by paths or stairs that seem to go nowhere.)

New Mexico's Blue Hole

I could not get enough of the white buoys, which reminded me of Mallomars. Without chocolate, I realize, so naked Mallomars?

New Mexico's Blue Hole

Any divers out there? What’s the purpose of the buoys and the blue square at the bottom? Some kind of guide?

The lesson is this: if you’re a wayward scuba enthusiast and happen to be passing through the high desert, not to worry. The Blue Hole awaits.

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  1. ron hagg January 31, 2016 at 7:44 am #

    thanks – these are wonderful. ron hagg

    • deonne January 31, 2016 at 11:16 am #

      Thank you for saying so, Ron!

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