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Writer, Scamper, and mom to Sam the Wonder Pup. Based in Taos, New Mexico and on a mission to see every U.S. National Park. Unabashed fan of '80s power ballads and crossword puzzles.

History and the Holidays

Here we are, post-Thanksgiving (in the U.S., at least), and I’m feeling even more grateful than yesterday.

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What I’m Grateful For

Today I’m grateful for jigsaw puzzles.

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Things That Don’t Get Easier

Playing the song Hotel California. Making an entire Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Solving complex problems.

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Beauty on a Branch

The crabapple tree in my courtyard has lost all its leaves, which makes it easier to see the birds that hang out there.

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’m transferring cassettes of songs I wrote in the ’90s to my laptop, and ran across a tape labelled “Anthology of Lameness.”

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Keep Your Snobbery to Yourself, Please

When I told people I was going to Ohio for a long weekend, a couple of them responded as if I’d said I was going to a party at Harvey Weinstein’s house.

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We’re Lucky He Was Full

Remember when I promised to share more lion photos from the Tanzania trip? That was, what, five years ago? Today I’m making good on that promise. I’ll spare you the reasons why I’ve been absent, but assure you that it’s all good stuff, with more on the way. I’ll talk about that in coming weeks, but first, lions!

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Lions and lions and lions, oh my!

Or, one of many ways Kansas is different than Tanzania.

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What’s stopping you from doing what you love?

I did something brand new (for me, at least) yesterday.

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Rhino, but…

Ngorongoro Crater National Park is a must if you’re in Tanzania – you know, if you just happen to be in the neighborhood – and here are a few reasons why:

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