Shifting Gears

Yesterday I arrived in San Diego for my second annual Get-Work-Done-At-The-Beach retreat. I’ll be here 2-1/2 months, and plan to get a book drafted as well as update the blog and brainstorm new business ideas. 

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Short and Steep

You know what’s great about climate change? Winter hiking is so pleasant!

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If it’s easy, is it meaningful?

That’s the question I asked myself the other night.

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In The Footsteps of Giants

Myth is generally a lot more interesting (to me) than science, though in the case of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, both are pretty great.

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50 Ways to Feel Better Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I can barely read the news without having a full-blown panic attack.

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Winter Light

One of my favorite annual events in Taos is the Lighting of Ledoux, which kicks off the winter holiday season.

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It seemed appropriate to share these photos on a Friday night, in case you’ve got a date and need some inspiration.

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Angel from Montgomery

I was in the car the other day trying to decide what song to share with you, and I thought of one of my favorites, the John Prine classic, “Angel from Montgomery.”

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The Most Amazing Blog Post Ever

Spoiler alert: this probably isn’t.

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Walking on Water

I’ve hiked to Williams Lake a jillion times, and had never seen what I saw yesterday.

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