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Back to Basics

The thing about the beach is that everyone wants to be here, even folks who don’t have the means to rent an apartment, much less own a house. It’s beautiful, sure, but it’s expensive and out of reach for most.

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50 Ways to Feel Better Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I can barely read the news without having a full-blown panic attack.


The Most Amazing Blog Post Ever

Spoiler alert: this probably isn’t.

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Things That Don’t Get Easier

Playing the song Hotel California. Making an entire Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Solving complex problems.


What’s stopping you from doing what you love?

I did something brand new (for me, at least) yesterday.

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Have you hit your tipping point yet?

Most of the time your brain is ready for big change before your heart is.

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How To Know What To Focus On

If you’re anything like me, and I’m guessing you are because you’re here, when you’re thinking about new ideas or possible projects, or even just what you could do with your weekend, it’s sometimes hard to get focused.

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The Secret to Happiness

We all want to feel excited and hopeful for the future, but sometimes we slide into a rut, and the world seems a lot less sparkly and interesting.

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You Are the Hero of Your Life Story

I write a column called Fandango for The Taos News, which is all about living a satisfying, productive creative life. (Meaning it’s geared toward artists, writers, and creatives of all stripes.)

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