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West of West

There’s something so comforting and also awe-inspiring about the Pacific Ocean.

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Shifting Gears

Yesterday I arrived in San Diego for my second annual Get-Work-Done-At-The-Beach retreat. I’ll be here 2-1/2 months, and plan to get a book drafted as well as update the blog and brainstorm new business ideas. 

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Beach Life

I grew up in San Diego, and my adolescence was bikinis and Boogie Boards and cruising the cliffs in Ocean Beach.

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Small Lake, Big City

It’s a new year and I’m all about tying up loose ends. Like some unprocessed photos I made at Lake Murray last year, a small but delightful lake smack in the middle of San Diego.

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Out With the Old

I love this time of year. Long nights, crisp, cold air, lights everywhere – I take this time to reflect on the outgoing year and set intentions for the new year coming in.

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California Dreaming

We’re getting lots of snow in Taos, which is a good thing, but I thought these images of Ocean Beach (San Diego, CA) from last year might help. You know, if you’re complaining about the cold, just a little. (Though now that I look at them again, they don’t make me feel particularly warm. But still, surfers and beach dogs and interesting patterns always make […]

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Sequoia National Park

The first chunk of this last Scamp was clouded with smoke from all the wildfires in the West. The worst was at Sequoia National Park.

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Into the Mystic

Redwood National Park is in the very northwest corner of California, home to the tallest trees on the planet. And for me, it was a highlight of what turned out to be an almost seven-week Scamp.

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Highway One

I’ve driven a lot of roads in the U.S., and one of the very best is Highway One on the California coast.

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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

I’m on the road and the McDonald’s manager is giving me the evil eye, so I’ll make this fast. (Apparently he thinks my one dollar coffee purchase doesn’t mean I can sit here using their free Wi-Fi forever.)

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