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Short and Steep

You know what’s great about climate change? Winter hiking is so pleasant!

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Walking on Water

I’ve hiked to Williams Lake a jillion times, and had never seen what I saw yesterday.

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Hiking Slieve Gullion in Northern Ireland

I’m a big hiker, but I assumed walking would be my main physical activity while I was in Ireland. That and hoisting pints of Guinness on a regular basis. Those 16 ounces constitute some sort of workout, don’t they?

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The Way Is Shut

Two things you can never have too many of: Lord of the Rings references, and red rock.

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My Little Wild Horse

I’m back from Ireland and Scotland, but am so backed up on photos we’ll have to get to those in a bit. Sorry, Internet!

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Waiting Out the Rain in Zion

Patience isn’t a virtue I’m known for, and I was reminded of this fact at Zion National Park (Utah) in April.

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Fire, Then Rain

I’m posting about this epic Scamp all out of order, so forgive me. I seem to be randomly inspired these days, but maybe a month on the road will do that to you.

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You Say Caldera, I Say Crater

Visiting the Valles Caldera National Preserve in northern New Mexico reminded me of my Ireland trip, where people who know the area assume their directions will be sufficient. They are not.

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Hiking the Jemez

New Mexico doesn’t have the 14ers that Colorado does, but still, we’ve got some pretty great mountains like the Jemez, which I spent some time in a few months ago. (Jemez is just west of the weird and interesting Los Alamos.)

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It’s Big, It’s Beautiful, and I Almost Missed It

It’s been quite a year. Terminal disease (my immediate family), not terminal but the same disease (me), plus medical procedures galore, funerals, and a breakup. Despite all that, there’ve been many great things, too. Like my camping trip in Grand Canyon, which almost didn’t happen because I’m a giant dork.

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