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Turns Out Face Bacon is a Thing

Sorry I missed posting last week – personal life (or just life, I suppose) has been a bit challenging lately, but nothing I can’t handle. Here are some more memorable moments from New Orleans:

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New Orleans

Before we get to my weekend in New Orleans, some more good news: I just won a New York Institute of Photography travel photography course! Woohoo! Which is exactly what I shouted when I saw my name on the website. I didn’t at all expect to win since there were so many entries, but there you are. The unexpected certainly does happen.

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Plan B, Once Again

Moutainair, NM is where the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument visitor center is, and it also happens to be home to the Shaffer Hotel, where I was told they serve tasty meals. I’m always up for a tasty meal, so before my drive to Salinas I stopped in.

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Scamp Porn 6: Live Nude Ducks (video)

Memphis, TN is a great town for so many reasons, but this may win for the cutest. (Filmed at the Peabody Hotel.)   Save

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Galway: Where We Took Getting Lost To An Entirely New Level

Galway is a smallish city (about 80,000 people) on the western coast of Ireland. Mom and I drove there from Dublin, and since we’d had a couple days driving on the left and deciphering Irish directions, we were feeling pretty cocky about getting around. Ha! Silly us.

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When It’s Okay to Lie

When I left San Diego, Bonnie and Roger suggested I stay at La Posada in Winslow, AZ because it’s a beautiful hotel, and a little more than halfway to Taos.

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Tripping Down Memory Lane

I spent junior high and high school in Point Loma, an upper-middle-class suburb of San Diego that sits between Shelter Island and Ocean Beach. Some of my friends’ parents had sailboats, and most of my friends got cars for their 16th birthdays. (I didn’t, and to this day I’m glad because I surely would have been arrested for drunk driving or worse.)

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