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When Safety Trumps Desire

Remember how excited I was to go backpacking in Olympic National Park?

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Green and Blue Heaven in the Cascades

My favorite color combination – what, you don’t have one? – is green and blue. I realized this when I looked around my house the other day and saw those colors featured in almost every room.

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Summer Snow at Mt. Rainier

It was a first: I visited a National Park and didn’t get one photograph of what I was there to see.

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Capturing the Green in Vail

On this last Scamp through Colorado, I was constantly awed by how green everything was.

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Hiking the Jemez

New Mexico doesn’t have the 14ers that Colorado does, but still, we’ve got some pretty great mountains like the Jemez, which I spent some time in a few months ago. (Jemez is just west of the weird and interesting Los Alamos.)

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As If I Needed To Prove My Motto

It’s been a rough week.

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The Devil Makes Me Talk Like This

Turns out the Devil Road – Old Route 666 – is indeed evil. If by evil you mean brake murder and hairpin terror. It started out sweet enough. I dropped down off the 40 in Arizona and headed south on what’s now 191 toward the White Mountains. It’s a ribbon of two-lane through rolling hills and vistas, a fun and easy drive for Sadie and […]

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