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Birds and a Bonus Mishap

Hello, Internet! I’ve been taking a break to sort out some personal business, so let’s jump back in with both feet, shall we? I’ll try to make up for lost time by posting a whole pile of photos I made at one of the sweetest spots in New Mexico: the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge.

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Small Lake, Big City

It’s a new year and I’m all about tying up loose ends. Like some unprocessed photos I made at Lake Murray last year, a small but delightful lake smack in the middle of San Diego.

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Taos in Winter

Sure, tons of snow and single-digit temperatures might make going about your day difficult, but you know what isn’t difficult, oddly enough?

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As If I Needed To Prove My Motto

It’s been a rough week.

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The Happiest Dog Around

This week’s 365 project theme of “dark” isn’t going as well as I’d hoped, due to a whole lot of snow (white) and cloudy nights with no stars.

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This week’s theme of “white” for my 365 photo project was fun and relatively easy.

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The Sedona Vortex Deserted Me

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the map.

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Spring in Northern New Mexico

Here in Taos we’ve gone from shorts and flip-flops to long pants and snow boots in just a few days. Sigh.

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Arizona Skies at the Desert Museum in Tucson

I’m fascinated by contrasts: light and dark, diffuse and focused. These photos of desert plants framed by the gorgeous Arizona sky are a good study in that kind of dichotomy.

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Photo of the Day: Crescent Moon in Taos

When I lived in New York City I hardly ever saw the sun or moon because they were blocked by tall buildings. I’d see a slice of sky, and that was about it. But here in Taos it’s another story.

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