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If it’s easy, is it meaningful?

That’s the question I asked myself the other night.

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The Most Amazing Blog Post Ever

Spoiler alert: this probably isn’t.

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Walking on Water

I’ve hiked to Williams Lake a jillion times, and had never seen what I saw yesterday.

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Playing in the Rain

I realize I’m supposed to be posting about the latest Scamps, but the other night it rained in Taos, and I decided to buck the boss – who is, um, me – and share some images from that.

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A Thousand Bucks Will Buy a Lot of Burritos

I just got some great news, and I’m celebrating with a burrito. Because sometimes you just have to splurge.

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Birds and a Bonus Mishap

Hello, Internet! I’ve been taking a break to sort out some personal business, so let’s jump back in with both feet, shall we? I’ll try to make up for lost time by posting a whole pile of photos I made at one of the sweetest spots in New Mexico: the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge.

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What’s the story?

I love when places have names like writing prompts.

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New Mexico’s Blue Hole

And I got to see it last month, when I did a takeover for the @TravelNewMexico Instagram account. (I won’t make a crude joke here, though the word “hole” just about demands it, don’t you think?)

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Taos in Winter

Sure, tons of snow and single-digit temperatures might make going about your day difficult, but you know what isn’t difficult, oddly enough?

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Bring On the New Year

The new year is three days away. Are you ready?

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