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Playing in the Rain

I realize I’m supposed to be posting about the latest Scamps, but the other night it rained in Taos, and I decided to buck the boss – who is, um, me – and share some images from that.

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A Thousand Bucks Will Buy a Lot of Burritos

I just got some great news, and I’m celebrating with a burrito. Because sometimes you just have to splurge.

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Birds and a Bonus Mishap

Hello, Internet! I’ve been taking a break to sort out some personal business, so let’s jump back in with both feet, shall we? I’ll try to make up for lost time by posting a whole pile of photos I made at one of the sweetest spots in New Mexico: the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge.

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What’s the story?

I love when places have names like writing prompts.

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New Mexico’s Blue Hole

And I got to see it last month, when I did a takeover for the @TravelNewMexico Instagram account. (I won’t make a crude joke here, though the word “hole” just about demands it, don’t you think?)

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Taos in Winter

Sure, tons of snow and single-digit temperatures might make going about your day difficult, but you know what isn’t difficult, oddly enough?

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Bring On the New Year

The new year is three days away. Are you ready?

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Out With the Old

I love this time of year. Long nights, crisp, cold air, lights everywhere – I take this time to reflect on the outgoing year and set intentions for the new year coming in.

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You Say Caldera, I Say Crater

Visiting the Valles Caldera National Preserve in northern New Mexico reminded me of my Ireland trip, where people who know the area assume their directions will be sufficient. They are not.

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Hiking the Jemez

New Mexico doesn’t have the 14ers that Colorado does, but still, we’ve got some pretty great mountains like the Jemez, which I spent some time in a few months ago. (Jemez is just west of the weird and interesting Los Alamos.)

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