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Turns Out Face Bacon is a Thing

Sorry I missed posting last week – personal life (or just life, I suppose) has been a bit challenging lately, but nothing I can’t handle. Here are some more memorable moments from New Orleans:

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Rallying for Balloons

I’m not a morning person. I mean, I love them, I’m just not great at having coherent conversations or making sure the coffee filter is sitting on top of the mug before pouring the boiling water. (I’ve actually done this.) But I’d never been to the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, and people said it was great, so even though the balloons take off in the […]

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If You Want Actual Aztec Ruins, You’ll Have To Travel A Bit Farther South

I’ve said before that one of my favorite things about my quest to see all the National Parks is visiting the ones I’d never heard of, and being delighted with my discoveries, over and over.

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Plan B, Once Again

Moutainair, NM is where the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument visitor center is, and it also happens to be home to the Shaffer Hotel, where I was told they serve tasty meals. I’m always up for a tasty meal, so before my drive to Salinas I stopped in.

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It’s Probably a Good Thing He Didn’t Answer

I haven’t written much about my Southern Scamp from last year. It was an interesting trip, with plenty of beauty and kitsch and hospitality. (And barbecue. Obviously.) But there were also some odd moments. Creepy, even.

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Looking for the Sun in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Mom and I just got back from a trip to Nova Scotia where we had exactly one day of sun. Did that put a damper (zing!) on the Kahler mood? Please.

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Too Sad to Appreciate BBQ

I’m back, after 4300 miles and almost three weeks on the road. A big part of exploring any place is the food, and I had four or five good barbecue meals on my Southern swing. Because what’s the South without barbecue? (Okay fine, there’s also the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, the birth of the blues and country music. Details.)

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Charlie’s Restaurant, Roswell, New Mexico

“Charlie was certain he could fulfill his lifelong dream of crossing the road, if he could only figure out how to detach himself from the trailer he was perched on. But how? HOW?!?”

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I Couldn’t Even Put Its Name In The Title

Let’s get the giggling out of the way right now, shall we? Say it with me: Dingle, Dingle, Dingle. Feel better? One more, just in case. I’ll wait. Okay. It’s a relief you can’t hear me giggle every time I type it, because then there’d be no denying my inner 12-year-old.

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Hawaiian Highs

Maui is one of those strange places that’s both unbelievably beautiful yet feels like a regular town where people live and work. I’d rented a car – a tiny white clown car I’m pretty sure was run on hamster power – and driving from the airport to my hotel I found myself muttering, over and over again, Wow. Wow. Wow. Almost everywhere you looked was […]

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