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10 Truths About Ireland

I’m writing a series of posts about my trip to Ireland, but I thought I’d start with some things you should know if you get the chance to go:

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The Shame of Luck

I was in Hawaii when the Japanese tsunami hit, and this post telling the story is much longer than usual, part of a book-length manuscript I’m working on. It’s also more serious than the norm, so I hope you like it. Back to regularly scheduled programming next time. After a day exploring Haleakala National Park I was watching Law & Order in my hotel room […]

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The Devil Makes Me Talk Like This

Turns out the Devil Road – Old Route 666 – is indeed evil. If by evil you mean brake murder and hairpin terror. It started out sweet enough. I dropped down off the 40 in Arizona and headed south on what’s now 191 toward the White Mountains. It’s a ribbon of two-lane through rolling hills and vistas, a fun and easy drive for Sadie and […]

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Heading Toward the Devil Road

This is my first free-form Scampabout. No campsite reservations, no set schedule. Hell, I’ve barely even checked to see if there’s gas in the car. Before I left I knew I’d head to Arizona, for warmth and more of that desert gorgeousness I can’t get enough of. Other than that, no idea. But when I looked at a map and saw Old Route 666 snaking […]

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Halloween at the Tucumcari Flying J

Tucumcari, New Mexico is named after the mountain that sits nearby. It’s a town of about 6,000 people, on old Route 66. I stay at the Flying J truck stop for free in the parking lot. I don’t even unhitch.

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