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When the Destination Fights You, Change Destinations

So there we were, me, Sam, and Sadie. On the road and heading north toward Glacier National Park. This was a do-over of the same trip attempt last year, that got called after only a week because of a series of mishaps that sent us back home, tails and spare tires between our legs.

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(About To Be) On The Road Again

It’s almost here – the first big Scampabout of the year. Road Trip USA 2014 Woohoo I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!

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Southern New Mexico: Recap

I’d rate my maiden voyage with Sadie a success, since a) I did not blow myself up lighting the stove, b) I did not run over animals or small children while pulling into a campsite, and c) Sadie did not come unhitched and go sailing by me on the highway. (Thanks for sharing that story, Ginger! Didn’t even know that was a possibility!)

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Scamp Porn 1: Inside Sadie (video)

Some of you had asked to see Sadie the Scamp’s interior, so here you go, my very first iMovie project. Totally unscripted. Obviously.  

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Though I Might Go Back for Leavenworth: Prison Guards!

Because of recent posts about Mr. Famous Writer/Actor and a highway patrolman, I thought I might start a second blog called “People I’ve Wanted to Have Sex With.” It wouldn’t be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. That’s probably when I applied for grad school in psychology, thinking I’d become a therapist.

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