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What’s the story?

I love when places have names like writing prompts.

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Southern New Mexico: Recap

I’d rate my maiden voyage with Sadie a success, since a) I did not blow myself up lighting the stove, b) I did not run over animals or small children while pulling into a campsite, and c) Sadie did not come unhitched and go sailing by me on the highway. (Thanks for sharing that story, Ginger! Didn’t even know that was a possibility!)

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Roswell, New Mexico: Mulder and Me

Roswell says it’s the Dairy Capital of the World, not, like you might assume, the Crazy Capital. And though I searched and searched for true weirdness – people in aluminum-foil hats, cow mutilations – Roswell seemed pretty normal. Especially if you think normal is a Wal-Mart big enough to supply the entire town and a whole colony of aliens. Seriously, I considered one of those […]

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