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Ending Up Somewhere Else

Driving home on the last scampabout, I heard Kathleen Edwards’s song “Somewhere Else.”

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How to Stand Out in Five Easy Steps

We’ve established Texas had its challenges for me, one of which was finding a meal not involving a dead cow or deep fryer, and about halfway in I was desperately seeking tofu. (I realize “desperate” and “tofu” are two words that naturally go together for many of you, but I felt them in a different way.)

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Looking for Happiness in Lubbock

One of my favorite bands is Thrift Store Cowboys from Lubbock. Listening to their songs I pictured a quaint Texas town with serious but sweet cowboys, rolling tumbleweeds, and sprawling farms. What I got was strip malls, aggressive drivers, and McMansions.

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Where to Stay and What to Do in the Texas Panhandle (and Oklahoma)

In the interest of providing useful information, which is rare with me I know, here are links to a few things I recommend. (Real reason: it’s a hodgepodge link-fest because I’m still comatose from the giant meal I made yesterday. And even though I’ve been trying to lose four pounds for, oh, the last six months, I made a feast that is basically the opposite […]

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Scamp Porn 3: Thanksgiving Gluttony Warm-up (video)

What better way to get ready for the biggest food day in the U.S. than to do restaurant reviews? Today I’m covering three: Golden Light Café (Amarillo, Texas), Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner (Canyon, Texas), and Big Vern’s Steakhouse (Shamrock, Texas).

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Why I Love Small Towns

Though I now live in Taos, I’ve spent most of my life in big cities – San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, New York. I love them and their energy, the sense that you can make anything happen. But these days, I seem to only care about exploring small towns.

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Love and Sweetness in Vega, Texas

When I had lunch in Adrian, TX, the waitress told me to go to Vega, a slightly bigger town east on Route 66, and visit Dot’s Mini Museum (105 N. 12th St.). She had me at Dot, then you throw in mini and the cuteness is too much to ignore. So I went.

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What’s funny to Texans?

Apparently bodily functions, alcoholism, obesity, and racism. I know! Hilarious!

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Groom, Texas: Size Matters

Like at Cadillac Ranch, I truly admire the American impulse to build something big in the middle of nowhere. Maybe even something huge, just because. Something so big it’s impossible to ignore, something brave and bold that represents belief and passion. Here’s what someone in Groom, TX built:

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Cadillac Ranch, Texas: A Case of Mistaken Identity

I’d heard Cadillac Ranch was somewhere near Amarillo, and I was excited. I’d get to visit a real brothel! I pictured myself schmoozing with the pros, picking up dating tips, maybe even sitting around at the end of the day, swapping stories and passing a bottle. It would be fun in a prostitution-is-only-fun-in-the-movies kind of way: think Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovitch in Blaze. Or […]

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