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Scamp Porn 6: Live Nude Ducks (video)

Memphis, TN is a great town for so many reasons, but this may win for the cutest. (Filmed at the Peabody Hotel.)   Save

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Scamp Porn 5: Giant Earlobes = Cash Money (video)

I’ll write a longer post about my trip to New Orleans, with lots of photos, but not today. I’ve got to handle some much needed post-vacation desk excavation. But I wanted to give you a taste of my weekend:

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Scamp Porn 4: Fitness on the Road (video)

It’s a struggle to stay fit on the road, or in any situation where you don’t have the right gear or can’t get to a gym or don’t even have the time for more physical activity than is required to make toast.

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Scamp Porn 3: Thanksgiving Gluttony Warm-up (video)

What better way to get ready for the biggest food day in the U.S. than to do restaurant reviews? Today I’m covering three: Golden Light Café (Amarillo, Texas), Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner (Canyon, Texas), and Big Vern’s Steakhouse (Shamrock, Texas).

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Scamp Porn 2: Brush with Greatness (video)

Nuts and goth – how can you go wrong? (P.S. Points if you can name the celebrity in this video.) Save

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Scamp Porn 1: Inside Sadie (video)

Some of you had asked to see Sadie the Scamp’s interior, so here you go, my very first iMovie project. Totally unscripted. Obviously.  

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