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It’s Probably a Good Thing He Didn’t Answer

I haven’t written much about my Southern Scamp from last year. It was an interesting trip, with plenty of beauty and kitsch and hospitality. (And barbecue. Obviously.) But there were also some odd moments. Creepy, even.

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One reason for the American epidemic of ADD?

I’ve got a hypothesis and I’m just going to put it out there. After hanging out in Del Mar recently, I’m wondering if one reason Americans have a harder and harder time holding their attention to one topic, task, or Hey, look! Nicolas Cage!

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Cadillac Ranch, Texas: A Case of Mistaken Identity

I’d heard Cadillac Ranch was somewhere near Amarillo, and I was excited. I’d get to visit a real brothel! I pictured myself schmoozing with the pros, picking up dating tips, maybe even sitting around at the end of the day, swapping stories and passing a bottle. It would be fun in a prostitution-is-only-fun-in-the-movies kind of way: think Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovitch in Blaze. Or […]

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Southern New Mexico: Recap

I’d rate my maiden voyage with Sadie a success, since a) I did not blow myself up lighting the stove, b) I did not run over animals or small children while pulling into a campsite, and c) Sadie did not come unhitched and go sailing by me on the highway. (Thanks for sharing that story, Ginger! Didn’t even know that was a possibility!)

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Roswell, New Mexico: Mulder and Me

Roswell says it’s the Dairy Capital of the World, not, like you might assume, the Crazy Capital. And though I searched and searched for true weirdness – people in aluminum-foil hats, cow mutilations – Roswell seemed pretty normal. Especially if you think normal is a Wal-Mart big enough to supply the entire town and a whole colony of aliens. Seriously, I considered one of those […]

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